Mobile app for the blind

iSee is a revolutionary real-time video object recognition mobile app with the primary goal to provide unparalleled assistance for the blind. iSee detects objects via the smartphone's camera, identifies them and reports them back audibly to the user, thus helping the blind navigate and perform daily tasks with greater ease.

Become Part of the Cause

We rely on all community members to make iSee more efficient in helping the blind. When you download the free app, you can “capture” objects in your surroundings and send them to us, so the app becomes more precise and thus serves its purposes better. It’s quick and easy, and it helps the cause!

iSee and Robots

Apart from providing unique assistance to the blind, iSee has its great potential in the field of robotics. Actually, iSee was 'inadvertently' created while we were working on streaming video from a robot with an attached Android phone to it, send to a server. iSee can serve as the robot’s eyes - it lets the machine recognize objects and manipulate them as appropriate. See more about iSee in robotics.

A guide dog is almost equal in many ways to giving a blind man sight itself.

- Britain's first recipient of a seeing eye dog, 1931 -

Our Team

How it works

Numerous technologies and frameworks are utilized to create the huge platform behind iSee.
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